SV-89 Fältherrens Wolfram
The Wokseb kennel is run by the Beskow family (Wokseb=Beskow backwards). Anders is an officer in the Swedish marine and was earlier in the Swedish army where he worked with military guard dogs and military policedogs. Anders was the chairman of the Swedish Weimaraner Club 1996-2001 and was re-elected in 2002. He is also the chairman of The Club for Continental HPR Breeds, which is an umbrella organization for the continental HPR breeds (except German Pointers and Hungarian Viszlas) in Sweden. Anders is also a field trial judge and is certified to perform temperament tests on HPR dogs according to the protocol of the Swedish Club for German Pointers. All spare time is dedicated to the family, dogs and hunting.

Elisabeth works at one of the main Swedish banks and she was the treasurer for the Swedish Weimaraner Club for 10 years. Elisabeth grew up with dog breeding; her mother has been breeding longhaired miniature dachshunds with the affix Dammlöts for 30 years. Elisabeth got her first own dog, a bearded collie called Okki, in 1984. They tried different dog activities together and Elisabeths great interest for dogs was founded during the years with Okki.
There are also two children in the family; Andreas and Ella. The children often come along when it is time for dog training or hunting out in the grounds, and are used to be outdoors in all weathers

Anders and Elisabeth got their first Weimaraner, SV-89 Fältherrens Wolfram, in 1988. He was a highly appreciated hunting dog but was a bit difficult in everyday situations. The Beskow family are members in the Swedish Weimaraner Club since 1988 and are also members of the Swedish Kennel Club